Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Would your business survive a fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or even a simple server hardware failure? With proper planning and Sensei’s backup and recovery solution as part of your company’s technology infrastructure, the answer is yes.

With Sensei’s disaster recovery and backup service, your data and therefore your business are protected from disasters, both natural and man-made.

Sensei provides a superior disaster recovery and backup solution that matches the needs of both your business and your budget. A disaster recovery and backup device is installed on your company’s network and configured to take snapshots of all the data on your servers at regular intervals. Then, if the need ever arises, Sensei’s business continuity solution can restore server operations quickly using advanced virtualization tools. We can also quickly recover files and e-mails.

Because Sensei’s solution is a system connected directly to the network, it completely eliminates the need for traditional tape or USB disk backups. The contents of your backup system are copied periodically to a remote facility in an encrypted form, ensuring offsite storage of business-critical information.

Sensei’s disaster recovery and backup solution includes:

  • System snapshots taken at regular intervals
  • Server virtualization of failed server(s)
  • Simultaneous backup of multiple servers
  • Offsite and secure storage of data
  • Hardware warranty and maintenance
  • Monitoring of backup status

Click here to view a Flash presentation about SIG’s backup and recovery option.

Sensei has been serving the information technology support needs of corporations, law firms and non-profit companies in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Southern Maryland since 1997 and is happy to provide references to prospective clients.

For further information, call IT Director Jeff Fox at 703.359.0700 or e-mail him at jfox@senseient.com.