Mobile Phone Text Recovery

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Depending on the make and model number of your mobile phone, it may be possible to recover deleted items, such as: text (SMS) messages, pictures and videos, even if the phone has been deactivated from service. There is no guarantee that the items you would like recovered are still available on the phone.

Factors that can affect recovery include: the phone’s make/model, the length of time that has passed since the relevant items were deleted, the number of new items that have been stored on the phone since the relevant items were deleted, or whether the phone has been reset or restored. We also need the phone to power on and communicate through its data port in order to perform any recovery.

We offer three service levels of recovery:

Level 1 – $600.00

This allows for a basic recovery from supported Feature Phones and Smartphones, using automated techniques.

Level 2 – $1,000.00

This allows for an advanced recovery from supported Feature Phones and Smartphones. We combine the efforts of our basic recovery (Level 1) and additional automated and manual recovery techniques. This will potentially recover additional deleted items not recovered during the basic recovery (Level 1).

Level 3 – $1,500.00

This allows for a more advanced recovery of Smartphones. We combine the efforts of our basic and advanced recovery (Level 2), but also add additional automated and manual recovery techniques specific to these devices. This will potentially recover additional deleted items not recovered during the basic or advanced recovery (Level 2).

In order to attempt recovery, we will need your phone for approximately one to two business days and the pre-payment of a $100.00, non-refundable diagnostic fee. The diagnostic fee will allow us to evaluate your phone to determine if we can access the area of the phone where deleted items are stored. If we determine this area is accessible, we will then require an additional pre-payment of the remaining cost of the chosen service level.

*Be sure to activate Airplane Mode on your device, as this will increase the possibility of data recovery.

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