Frequently Asked Questions

VADER ONLINE is an extensive compendium of automatically calculating worksheets, including Support and Support-related, Equitable Distribution workbooks and Case Tracking worksheets.

VADER ONLINE also includes contributed model text documents from local jurisdictions and others.


How do I continue working on a previously saved Case file so I don't have to reenter all of the information?

When you save a Case file, all data that you have input into the website is contained within the Case file. You may upload this Case file at a future date to continue working where you left off. You will not need to reenter all of your previously saved data – it will automatically be imported by the website saving you time. If you need additional guidance on how to complete these steps, you may watch the video below in the How To section on uploading a Case file to VADER ONLINE.

How do I renew my VADER ONLINE subscription?

The Admin is the only user who can renew subscriptions for VADER ONLINE. To renew, the Admin will need to click the “Renew” button on the left hand navigation panel and confirm the number of licenses needed. The renewal process, including payment, is performed entirely through the website.

Can I reset my two-factor authentication (2FA) choice?

If you need to reset or modify your two-factor authentication selection, contact the Admin of your firm’s VADER ONLINE account. From the user list, Admins can select the  “Reset 2FA” option next to the user name and the next time the user logs into the website, they will be prompted to set up 2FA.

If you only have a single license and cannot log into VADER ONLINE, please reach out to for assistance and 2FA reset requests.

Has VADER ONLINE been updated with the new Pendente Lite support guidelines?

Yes, as of July 1, 2020 VADER ONLINE has been updated to include the new Pendente Lite support guidelines.

Can I use gender neutral wording on VADER ONLINE worksheets?

Yes, you can. VADER ONLINE has the ability to assign any label to a party since its release. When you first create a case (not Quick Consult option), there are default labels of Wife, Father, Husband, Mother. However, users can type in whatever label is desired into the Party One Label and Party Two Label fields.

How do I get internet access when in court?

This is the #1 support question that we receive. VADER ONLINE requires access to the internet.  The answer is to use your phone’s built-in hotspot. To enable/configure your mobile device’s hotspot, please use the following general directions:

Apple iPhone Mobile Device

  1. Open the Settings app, then select Personal Hotspot.
  2. Tap Personal Hotspot, and set Allow Others to Join. (Tap the slide so it turns green.)
  3. If Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth are off, iOS will ask if you want to turn them back on. We’d recommend doing so – without them, the hotspot will be limited to USB.
  4. Tap ‘Wi-Fi Password’ and enter a suitable password. (This isn’t related to your Apple ID or usual Wi-Fi connection.)
  5. Now check the name of the hotspot listed under To Connect Using Wi-Fi .
  6. Click the Wi-Fi icon in your laptop’s menu or task bar, or open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi on an iPad, and choose the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  7. Enter the password from Step 4.

Android Mobile Device

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Press the Network & Internet option.
  3. Press the hot spot & tethering option.
  4. Toggle the switch next to Wi-Fi hot spot to on.
  5. Tap Set up Wi-Fi hot spot to manage name and password settings for your hot spot.
  6. After that’s done, you should be able to find the Wi-Fi network from your other devices. When you’re done, simply follow the instructions again and toggle the switch in step 4 back to the off position.

Does VADER ONLINE store any sensitive data? How is the information secured and protected?

VADER ONLINE does not permanently store any data that is entered into the forms. At any time during the session, the user may choose to Download their Case file. If you forget to download the file, the website automatically e-mails you a copy of the Case file if you are automatically logged out due to inactivity.

VADER data is securely transmitted to the browser using Transport Layer Security version 1.2, providing data security, privacy and integrity.

What is the cost of VADER ONLINE?

VADER ONLINE is a subscription-based website, and costs $300 per user per year for each of the first five users, and for six users or more the subscription cost is discounted.

Will you still support the Microsoft Excel-based version of VADER?

With the release of VADER ONLINE, we are no longer offering support for the Microsoft Excel-based version of VADER. Users who are running the Microsoft Excel-based version of VADER, will need to move to VADER ONLINE to receive the latest updates to the application, including any changes in the law that went into effect after July 1, 2018.

The Microsoft Excel-based version of VADER is no longer updated or supported.

Can I share a VADER ONLINE login within my firm?

No. Each subscriber to VADER ONLINE requires unique logon credentials. Sharing a single logon ID is a violation of the Terms of Service.

Can I add additional users at a later date?

Yes. When you initially subscribe to VADER ONLINE, you identify the number of licenses needed. If you need to increase the number of users at a later date, the administrator ID can add additional licenses at any time. When adding licenses, the cost is prorated for the balance of the subscription term so that all firm licenses expire at the same time.

Why did I receive an email message from VADER ONLINE with a text file attached?

If VADER ONLINE logs you out of the current session due to user inactivity, the data that was entered into the forms prior to being logged off is saved and emailed to the address associated with your login ID. This feature prevents users from losing data if they walk away from their computer system for an extended period.

When I try to open a saved Case file to view and edit its contents, why does it appear unreadable?

The Case file saved to your local computer when using VADER ONLINE is an encrypted text file that the VADER ONLINE program creates. While this file will open with any text editor or word processor, its contents are indecipherable.

In order to view its contents and to continue working on the Case file, you must upload the Case file back into VADER ONLINE after you log in. Editing the Case file on your local computer will cause corruption of the file and render it unusable.

Do I have to save multiple case files (one for each worksheet) like the Excel version?

No, unlike the Excel-version of VADER, where you may have multiple workbooks for each matter (EDFunds, Support, Shared, etc.), VADER ONLINE saves all of the provided worksheets within a single Case file.

Users do not need a separate Case file for each completed worksheet.

VADER ONLINE allows the user to enter data into any of the provided worksheets, all of which are saved into the Case file. To pick up working where you left off, you will need to upload the Case file and all of the data previously entered into the various worksheets will be imported into the program.

When I enter a lot of text within a field on the EDForms – Property worksheet, not all of the text appears when I print the worksheet. How can I get all of the text to print?

Unlike Excel, the size of a text field on VADER ONLINE is not adjustable. Users cannot adjust the text boxes to accommodate long text descriptions or explanations. As an alternative, users may take advantage of the Notes feature within VADER ONLINE. The Notes feature, found at the bottom-left corner of the worksheet, allows uses to enter free form text that is included when the worksheet is printed. When used like footnotes, users can reference the Notes section within the worksheet and continue their description within the Notes section.