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We offer a trio of services nationwide to fit all of your technology needs

Sensei offers a trio of services that include managed information technology, digital forensics and managed cybersecurity solutions to fit all of your technology needs.

Our goal is simple – to make our clients more efficient by customizing and implementing quality technology solutions that are cost effective, expandable and adaptable.

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Managed Information Technology

We are committed to keeping your networks 100% operational so you can focus on your business.

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Managed Cybersecurity

We protect your networks proactively, giving you peace of mind about your data security.

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Digital Forensics

Our certified digital forensics experts preserve, recover and analyze data, testify in courts nationwide and investigate data breaches.

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Sensei is your team

When you choose Sensei, you gain access to highly qualified experts with extensive experience and technical certifications, who have a knack for explaining complex concepts in plain English.

We provide clients with a clear and understandable upfront cost estimate, so expectations are set from the beginning. The scope of work often changes in these complex matters, and if they do, Sensei’s experts will not exceed estimates without notice and approval.


For answers to the most commonly asked questions, please visit the FAQs for each of our services on the following pages:

Digital Forensics FAQs

Managed Cybersecurity FAQs

Information Technology FAQs