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  • An Ethical Cybersecurity Playbook for the New Normal in Law Practice
  • Cybersecurity Training for Law Firm Employees
  • 2022: Hot Topics in Ethical Cybersecurity for Your Law Firm
  • Reading Tea Leaves and Goat Entrails: The Next Chapter in the Future of Law Practice
  • Vetting Technology for Your Law Firm
  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: The Evolving Landscape for Lawyers
  • Security Assessments and Pen Testing for Law Firms
  • Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls as the Practice of Law Evolves
  • Law Firms Face the Scourge of Ransomware: How to Prevent, Respond and Recover
  • Ethically Responding to Data Breaches and Cyberattacks: A Road Map for Lawyers
  • Innovative Marketing in a New Legal Landscape (no CLE credit)
  • Zoom Training for Lawyers Using Zoom Securely and Effectively
  • Deepfake Audios and Videos: A Lawyers Guide
  • Demystified: What Lawyers Need to Know About Windows 10 and Digital Forensics
  • E-Discovery: Collecting & Analyzing Evidence from Mobile Devices
  • Uncovering Hidden Data in Family Law Cases