Digital Forensics

If data exists on a device, Sensei’s digital forensics experts can find it

Digital Forensics

Capturing, assessing, investigating, and analyzing digital evidence requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities – making digital forensics as much an art as a science. Computers, mobile phones and other data storage devices can hold a wealth of electronically stored information that, in order to be identified and exposed, requires a level of expertise above and beyond that of most end-users or Information Technology personnel.

If data exists on a device, even in a fragmented form, there is no limit to what Sensei’s digital forensics experts can find. We may be asked to recover electronic communications or social media artifacts, authenticate an electronic document, or analyze computer activity to determine if a former employee stole data among many other tasks. Digital forensic examinations can shed light on a multitude of internal, civil, or criminal matters.


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Digital Forensic Services

Data Preservation & Collection

Sensei’s digital forensic experts can preserve electronically stored information from many different types of devices including mobile phones, computers, laptops, servers, social media accounts, and other cloud-based service providers. In some circumstances, data can even be preserved remotely, saving time and money. Learn more about our Data Preservation services.

Legacy Preservation

Sensei’s digital forensic experts would be honored to assist you and your family preserve the electronic data that a loved one has accumulated over their lifetime. We understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult process and that there can be mountains of digital assets to navigate, we are here to help. Learn more about our Legacy Preservation services.

Email Preservation & Analysis

Sensei can preserve and analyze many different types of email accounts, including locally stored email and cloud-based email. We can perform email identification, processing, extraction, and production, and can potentially recover deleted email messages. Learn more about our Email Preservation and Analysis services.

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Data Recovery

Sensei can assist you with your data recovery efforts, from failing hard drives and corrupt file systems to other electronic media. If the data is still located somewhere on the device, we will help you find or recover the data you are looking for. Learn more about our Data Recovery services.

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Digital Forensics Investigation & Analysis of Electronic Media

Sensei’s digital forensic experts can help you find or recover data that is vital to your case. Our experts have experience analyzing all types of electronic media, including mobile devices, computers, social media accounts, and more. If you are unsure of what may be recoverable, our experts can explain difficult technical concepts in plain English, so that you understand all aspects of the process. Learn more about our Forensic Investigation services.

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E-Discovery Services

Sensei Enterprises provides e-discovery solutions geared primarily towards small matters, with all of the features that you would expect in a big budget case.  Our hosted platform can be accessed from any location with an internet connection and multiple users can access the review platform simultaneously. This service is designed especially for small matters with set budgets, allowing counsel to conduct their review of documents efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn more about our E-Discovery services.

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Employee Data Theft Investigations

Sensei can assist you with determining what a former employee did on a computer system leading up to departure, including whether any company data was stolen or misappropriated. We can also assist in cases where an employee is suspected of violating a company policy. Learn more about Employee Data Theft investigations.

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Expert Witness Testimony

Sensei’s digital forensics technologists are expert witnesses with impressive credentials, extensive technical, business, and legal experience, and they have a gift for explaining technology in plain English. Our experts provide testimony in several forms, including peer-reviewed written summaries and affidavits, as well as verbal testimony at depositions, hearings, and trials. Learn more about our Expert Testimony services.

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Mobile Device Forensics

We are frequently contacted these days about electronic evidence that is stored on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We can help preserve and analyze evidence that exists or even evidence that has potentially been deleted from those devices. Much of our capabilities for the recovery of data from mobile devices depend on the make and model of the device. Learn more about our Mobile Device Forensics services.

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Spyware Investigation

Do you suspect that someone is viewing your text messages? Using your phone to track your location? Monitoring your device usage? If so, Sensei can assist you with investigating your electronic device for evidence of compromise or the installation monitoring software. Learn more about our Spyware Investigation services.

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What Sets Sensei’s Digital Forensics Apart from the Competition?

By choosing Sensei, you gain access to highly qualified digital forensics experts with extensive experience and technical certifications, who have a knack for explaining complex concepts in plain English. We provide clients with a clear and understandable upfront cost estimate, so expectations are set from the beginning. The scope of work often changes in these complex matters, and if it does, Sensei’s experts will not exceed estimates without notice and approval.

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