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How it Started

Sensei was established in 1997 by Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., a practicing attorney, and John W. Simek, who holds a wealth of technical certifications. Within a few years, Sensei had a national reputation as a boutique provider of IT, cybersecurity and digital forensics services.

While Sensei initially attracted law firms because of Ms. Nelson’s knowledge of the legal world and legal ethics, Sensei quickly grew to serve many kinds of businesses and organizations.

As nationally known speakers and authors, Sensei’s principals continue to educate audiences across the nation about IT, cybersecurity and digital forensics.

Sharon D. Nelson, Esq.


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John W. Simek

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Michael C. Maschke


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How Clients Benefit From Sensei’s Certifications and Partnerships


Our team of qualified experts hold a wide variety of certifications so our clients know that we are well qualified to perform a broad range of information technology, cybersecurity and digital forensics services.

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We provide a full array of technologies to small and medium-sized businesses. We are proud of our IT consultants and their technical knowledge of the most prominent technologies in the world today.

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Serving our clients and our

Sensei has been committed to community service since its founding more than two decades ago. Our officers have served on countless boards and generously support charities throughout Virginia.

Ms. Nelson has served as the Virginia State Bar President, Mr. Simek currently serves on the Board of Fairfax CASA while Mr. Maschke serves on the Fairfax Law Foundation Board.

Sensei Gives Back 

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Sensei remains by design a small company where employees receive some of the best employment benefits available, including a generous 401(k) plan and 100% individual medical insurance coverage.

We look for the best and most-highly motivated employees. We focus on mentoring employees and helping them build skills and earn certifications that will serve them well in the future.

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