Five Things You Should Consider Doing in 2024

The Top Five Cybersecurity Steps You Should Take in 2024!

  1. Cybersecurity Awareness Training:
    Mandatory cybersecurity training for employees should take place at least once a year.
  2. Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM):
    Protect your information systems and cloud providers from cyberattacks with an affordable cloud-based solution that helps you detect, analyze, and respond to threats before they harm your business.
  3. Vulnerability and Security Assessment:
    With the landscape of cybersecurity constantly changing, how prepared are you? Where are your risks and vulnerabilities? Periodically scanning your systems and network allows you to understand where you are most vulnerable and remediate any identified vulnerabilities.
  4. Upgrade computers from Microsoft Windows 10 to Microsoft Windows 11:
    The process of replacing end-of-life systems and upgrading existing computers from Windows 10 to Windows 11 takes time and planning. There is no better time to start as Windows 10 nears its end of life.
  5. No more replacing end-of-life physical server hardware – move virtual servers and functionality to Microsoft Azure and 365:
    With today’s hybrid work environment, having data accessible in the cloud is more important than ever. Many firms are paying for Microsoft 365 services and features that are not being utilized, such as SharePoint for file and folder storage. Why spend thousands of dollars upfront for new physical server hardware, when you can migrate to Microsoft’s Azure environment for an affordable monthly cost, or potentially remove the need for a virtual server by taking advantage of what you may already be paying for as part of your monthly Microsoft 365 subscription?