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Ride The Lightning (RTL) Blog Featured In Pinhawk’s Law Technology Blog

September 7, 2021

Recently, the Ride the Lightning (RTL) post “ 2021 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession Released“ was featured in PinHawk’s Law Technology Digest blog. Ride the Lightning is a cybersecurity and future of law practice blog written by Sensei’s President, Sharon Nelson. Pinhawk helps thousands of professionals keep up–to–date through emails and web alerts.


The biggest silver lining we experienced in the pandemic is summed up by Sharon Nelson’s review of the 2021 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession: “Most senior lawyers reported adapting well to incorporating new technology into their practices amid the pandemic. Of the 73% who reported needing to learn new technology to keep working or to interact with others, 79% said they were ‘somewhat comfortable’ or ‘extremely comfortable’ with that technology.”

To read more about the report, read more at {ride the lightning}: 2021 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession Released