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Mar 21, 2023

You Should Budget for Periodic Wi-Fi Router Upgrades

Wireless access is a must these days. Every time you turn around, something needs to be connected to a network.

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Mar 16, 2023

Microsoft Fixes Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Well, it’s not Patch Tuesday today, but you should be updating your Microsoft environment (and other software too). Malwarebytes reported

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Mar 15, 2023

Price Increase for Google Workspace

Google announced ChatGPT for Gmail and Google Docs yesterday. The bigger news for most users was reported by Ars Technica.

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Mar 14, 2023

Strip Formatting When Pasting Text in Word

The Verge reported that Microsoft is finally releasing a keyboard shortcut to paste plaintext. The obvious response is … what

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Mar 09, 2023

Google One Users Get Free, Simple VPN

One option for secure communications is to us a virtual private network (VPN). ReveiwGeek reports that Google now offers one

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Mar 08, 2023

A New Browser Helps with ADHD

Let it never be said that users don’t have choices for which browser to use. Edge, Chrome and Firefox are

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Mar 07, 2023

Free Microsoft Outlook for Mac Users

Mac users no longer need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription to use Outlook. Microsoft announced that Outlook is now

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Mar 02, 2023

Microsoft Recommends Removing Folder Exclusions for Exchange

If you are still running an on-premise version of Microsoft Exchange, administrators are aware that anti-virus vendors give instructions on

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Mar 01, 2023

Don’t Use a PIN to Lock Your Phone

Convenience over security is a battle we fight every day. As a minimum, you should have a lock code for

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Feb 28, 2023

NSA Guidance for Securely Working from Home

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we work. Hybrid working arrangements are here to stay. That means we need

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Feb 23, 2023

Bulk Uninstall Multiple Windows Apps

The majority of Windows users know how to uninstall applications by using the Control Panel. Once Control Panel is launched,

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Feb 22, 2023

Google Maps Features to Try

It is hard to imagine seeing anyone use a physical map these days. We can’t remember phone numbers (they are

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