Data Breach & Incident Response Investigation and Remediation

To protect your organization against the devastating impact of a cyberattack, you must be prepared and ready to respond.

The members of Sensei’s cybersecurity team are experts in all phases of the incident handling and response process. From preparation to the conclusion of the incident, our experts will assist you.

The cybersecurity experts at Sensei know how to stop an active attack, identify and remove the source of the data breach, and can help mitigate the financial and reputation impacts that may follow.

Do you need assistance with preventing or responding to a cyber incident?

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Most attacks occur from inside a company’s environment. Is your company prepared?

Examples of incidents that your company may experience include:

  • Lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices
  • Third-party vendor incidents compromising your systems
  • Domain or website hijacking
  • Proprietary information and trade secrets leaked to a competitor
  • Spam or phishing attacks
  • Disgruntled employees deliberately destroying mission-critical data
  • Hackers penetrating your network
The incident response process:
Preparation, Detection, Analysis, Containment, Eradication, Recovery and Post-incident activity.

Do you need help drafting an Incident Response Plan?

Learn more about Incident Response Plans (IRPs).