Mobile Device/Phone Forensics

We understand that your mobile device is not just any device, it is your lifeline. These days, we analyze more mobile devices than computers. Mobile devices, including smartphones, are portable computers and have very similar capabilities. Our digital forensic examiners are familiar with many different types of mobile devices and have the experience and expertise to help you with the analysis of a mobile device pertinent to your matter or to assist in recovering your lost data.

The following are some examples of retrievable data depending on the make and model of your mobile device:

  • Communications, including text messages (SMS/MMS, iMessages) and others
  • Deleted text messages (SMS)
  • Pictures and downloads
  • Call Logs
  • Contact Lists
  • Calendar Data
  • Web Browser
  • App-Specific Data
  • Third-Party Messaging Apps (Kik, Kakao, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Emails stored on the device
  • GPS coordinates
  • Social Media Accounts and posts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others