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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

iPhone Features Users Probably Haven’t Discovered

June 28, 2022

Technology advances at lightning speed every day. We are surrounded by devices and applications with so much capability that is never used. Some reports indicate that users only take advantage of around 10% of the capabilities in Microsoft Word. Do you know how to use every feature of your car? The same is true when it comes to our smartphones. BGR has a post that lists out five features iPhone users probably don’t know about including:

  • Scan text in photos
  • Hide your email
  • Three fingers to undo
  • Portrait mode during FaceTime calls
  • Silence any spam callers

Apple gives you the ability to “hide” your email. It doesn’t really hide your email, but generates a random email address for you to use to protect your privacy. Apple takes care of forwarding the random address to your real email. Think of it as a disposable email address.

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