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Additional Digital Evidence Sought in Cumberland County Jail Case

November 2, 2021

Joseph Smith of the Vineland Daily Journal recently reported that a U.S. District Court judge has ordered the Cumberland County Jail (New Jersey), to turn over additional data that has been pulled from jail staffs’ emails, computers, and phones.

The order from Judge Noel Hillman comes from a case that has stemmed from an attorney lead investigation into a “shakedown” of inmates on May 11 after a lawsuit filed by inmates about COVID-19 regulations and concerns in a facility in Bridgeton, NJ. In addition to the order for additional evidence to be turned over, a defendant in the case, a captain at the jail, is asserting his Fifth Amendment rights to try and block the court order that is seeking the forensic examination of his personal laptop and cellphone.

The county hired an outside cybersecurity and digital forensic firm, Maragell Corporate Investigations, to conduct the review and analysis of data in the matter. Smith writes “[inmate] attorneys claim the report’s findings are incriminating but also suspect the investigator has not reported on or, possibly had access to all available data.” The attorneys for the inmates in the matter have alleged that the county has engaged in a coverup and that the county has stalled or ignored court orders to produce evidence in the matter.

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