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Attorneys Leverage Cellphone Evidence in Attempt to Dismiss Murder and Manslaughter Charges

April 18, 2023

Lawyers for Karen Read, who is accused of killing her boyfriend John O’Keefe, a Boston Police officer, are requesting the prosecution to drop the case.

The incident apparently occurred outside the home of another Boston Police officer after a night out to the bars and subsequent after-party at the house. The prosecutors’ case claims that Read, who they believe was legally drunk at the time, hit O’Keefe with a car and drove away leaving him mortally wounded, outdoors in a snow storm.

According to a motion filed by Read’s attorneys, a forensic search of another witness’s cellphone found evidence that they say points to the involvement of others and clears Read. The defense lawyers are asking the district attorney’s office to drop the case against Read in light of this new evidence, which includes a Google search for the phrase “Ho(w) long to die in cold” hours before O’Keefe was found in the snow. They also claim to have located evidence that suggests other information including messages and calls from that night may have been deleted from this other person’s device.

The defense lawyers are also seeking a court order to obtain the cellphone and cellphone records of Brian Albert, who hosted the after-party.

A hearing is scheduled for May 3 on the motion.

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