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Automobile and Cellphone Location Data Presented in Quadruple Homicide Trial

October 27, 2022

In a recent article posted to the site of Cincinnati Ohio News Station, WLWT, reporter Karin Johnson detailed how prosecutors were using location data stored by both a man’s car and cell phone to paint a picture of his whereabouts the night he has been accused of killing his wife, both her parents and her aunt.

In their case against Mr. Gurpeet Singh, prosecutors called FBI Digital Forensic Examiner Doug Rodin to testify about the results of a forensic analysis of Singh’s mobile phone and vehicle. The focus for the location data review appears to have been on the night of the murders from approximately 9:00 to 9:40PM, when Singh called 911 to report the deaths.  

The FBI examiners were able to parse navigation data from the car placing him on the road at 9:02 PM that night. They then cross referenced this time to activity on his phone which was also analyzed. On the phone they found he was speaking to his cousin, who was watching his children at the time. When questioned about the subject of the call, the cousin stated it had simply been to let them know Singh would be picking up the children on his way home.

Further review of the navigation data from the car revealed that instead the trip continued straight to his apartment, with him arriving at the complex at 9:09. Further analysis of the phone placed that device in the apartment at 9:11 that evening.

This timeline from the digital forensic evidence was placed in the context of previous testimony from neighbors who stated gunshots were heard between 9:15 and 9:30 and the eventual 911 call made by Singh at 9:40. In this matter, the forensic examiners and the mobile device and automotive location data that was presented gave the court a detailed view of Singh’s alleged movements on the night in question.

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