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Biden iCloud Hacked by 4Chan Users?

July 12, 2022

According to a recent article by Emily Jacobs on the Colorado Springs Gazette website, reports have been circulating that data from Hunter Biden’s iCloud account may have been posted on internet forums. The data, that appears to include screenshots of a phone and computer, were posted to the main political forum of the website 4Chan over the weekend. 

4chan is an internet forum site that allows users to post about all types of different subjects. The site is no stranger to controversy having been linked to alt-right topics, celebrity photo leaks, cyber-attacks and even real-world violence. This alleged leak of Biden’s iCloud data was live on the site for a number of hours before administrators pulled down threads containing the content.

It remains to be seen if the alleged iCloud data is genuine. If it is legitimate, one may wonder if it is in some way linked to the now infamous alleged Hunter Biden laptop data that came to light in 2020 or entirely separate. If a bad-actor were to gain login credentials to an iCloud account someone was using to backup and/or sync data from their iPhone and Apple Computer it would be possible for that user to obtain iCloud data as the reports suggest.

This type of data breach or activity monitoring on Apple devices is not novel. In fact it is far and away the most common method we have seen over the past few years at Sensei, especially when it comes to family law matters. Even if these specific allegations are proven not to be true, it stands as a reminder to be cautious with one’s device security. Securing any iCloud account used with these devices and enabling two-factor authentication would almost certainly stop this kind of data leak.

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