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Criminals Using Apple AirTags to Stalk and Steal is Growing Rapidly

May 5, 2022

Rob Harris, a reporter for Denver Channel 7 ABC News, recently wrote an article on the growing concern about criminals using Apple AirTags.

Apple released their AirTags in April 2022, to help people keep track of their possessions, like wallets and keys. Shortly after their release, people started using these devices as a way to stalk victims and then steal from them.

Soon after, Apple updated its iPhones to notify iPhone users when their phone detected an AirTag. It also gave instructions on how to disable the AirTags.

Sergeant Jeff Pelletier with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office stated, “the department’s Digital Forensics Lab has recently begun studying the way digital trackers like AirTags are being used for nefarious purposes, amid increasing calls from citizens receiving these alerts.”

Pelletier explained that location trackers are not a new thing but is happy that Apple created their own warning system if one is nearby, which other trackers don’t have. He also added that their lab studies have found that Apple’s warning system for AirTags, only works “most of the time.” They are currently working on training their K9 Units to sniff out electronic devices, including these digital trackers that could be hidden.

He then stated, “Like with any potential crime, if you’re worried, you should call police. If only for peace of mind.”

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