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Crypto Currency Airdrop is Stealing Personal Data

September 6, 2022

Sofia Bulgaria, a writer for EINPresswire, recently published an article on about a new method scammers are using to steal personal information.

Crypto users are obtaining crypto currencies by using Airdrop (a way Apple devices can transfer files to other Apple devices by close-range wireless communication). This is apparently a new “stunt” to create awareness about new currencies entering the market.

A negative aspect of this method is that scammers are airdropping fake tokens to digital wallets, which allows them to steal personal data and funds inside the wallet. Stories about this are appearing on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit where users are warning less experienced crypto investors about the potential airdrop scam.

A fake Twitter account with about 60,000 followers that claimed to be the Moonbirds project, released a statement that said, “To celebrate almost 60k followers on our official Twitter account, we want to give you the biggest airdrop in the history of the NFT community. To find more go to the airdrop page.”

Of course, the link was fake and when users clicked on it, it opened a realistic looking airdrop page. Many users fell for this scam and realized it was fake when the real Moonbirds account came out and told their followers to beware of scammers using airdrop.

In today’s modern world, while technology is drastically advancing, it also comes with the side effect of enabling many new ways to scam users.

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