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Data Breach of Single Firm Impacts 1,900,000

July 14, 2022

According to a recent article on by Jessica Davis, a ransomware attack at the debt collections firm Professional Finance Company in February of this year is now thought to have affected around 1.9 million people.

Professional Finance Company, PFC supplies many different healthcare providers with debt collection services. This attack is believed to have affected 657 different providers. The incident was first detected on February 26, 2022. PFC worked with digital forensic specialists to determine the scope and severity of the breach. Unfortunately, after investigating, it was determined that the bad actors may have had access to not just patient names and contact info but also details like social security numbers, insurance data and medical procedure records. 

Notifications of the breach to the healthcare providers served started to go out in early May. As a response to the attack, PFC completely rebuilt systems involved in the attack and claims to have improved network security overall along with revising data storage policies. Davis points out in her article “Despite the major impact, it’s still just the third biggest healthcare data breach reported in 2022.”  

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