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Digital Evidence Collected Documenting Fighting and Alleged War Crimes in Ukraine

May 2, 2023

According to a recent article on, as the fighting continues in Ukraine, its people and allies are taking steps to collect evidence of potential war crimes committed by the Russian forces.

The aim of those working to collect and document the digital evidence is to prepare to prosecute those responsible, or at the very least preserve a historical record. The country is receiving international assistance, including from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, in its efforts. Much of the relevant evidence that is being collected is digital, which means that digital forensics will be a crucial tool for both investigating cyberattacks against civilian infrastructure and geo-locating those responsible.

Seeing reports on Ukraine’s efforts to collect digital evidence of war crimes is very interesting as it may provide a roadmap of sorts on how the international community could attempt to hold combatants accountable in wars moving forward.

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