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Digital Forensics Used to Assist in Murder of Rapper XXXTentacion

March 28, 2023

Ian Margol and Amanda Batchelor of Local 10 reported on the use of digital forensics during the trial of three people accused of murdering rapper XXXTentacion. A digital forensic examiner from the Broward County Sherriff’s Office testified to an examination of evidence from mobile phones.

Mobile phones can contain a trove of information about a user and the device itself. Often, Sensei’s digital forensic examiners get asked questions about what types of evidence can be found on a mobile phone.

The answer varies from phone to phone and case to case. Data such as messages, locations, photos, videos, and browser history are frequently requested artifacts.

In the murder trial, the digital forensic examiner that testified examined the mobile phones of two people thought to be involved in XXXTentacion’s murder, Dedrick Williams and Michael Boatwright. The data on the phones “included location data that put them at the crime scene and incriminating photographs and videos captured just hours after the murder” writes Margol and Batchelor.

Additionally, Margol, Andrew Perez and Chris Gothner reported on the verdict reached by the jury in the murder trial. After eight days of deliberation, jurors reached a guilty verdict for all three men charged with murder and robbery, Trayvon Newsom, Dedrick Williams and Michael Boatwright.

Other digital evidence was presented in the trial as well. The trio mention in their article text messages that the jury reviewed as well as surveillance video from a store. Text messages are another hot artifact from mobile phones and can help paint a picture of what was going on.

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