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Electronic Devices Seized from Former Windsor Mayor’s Residence

November 18, 2021

Lori Carter and Nashelly Chavez of The Press Democrat recently reported on the ongoing investigation into former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli. Foppoli has been accused of sexual assault by several women. The search warrant obtained by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office states that they are specifically looking for two images that are evidence that a felony took place. The images are suspected to be from 2002 and 2017.

Sheriff deputies seized 10 items from Foppoli’s residence. The devices seized include two laptops, a Sony Ericsson cellphone and three iPads. In addition to the search of the home, Foppoli’s vehicles were included in the search, a 2017 Tesla and 2012 Ford f-150. Foppoli was not home during the time of the seizure, but Carter and Chavez write “[had] he been, Averill’s order would have allowed deputies to force Foppoli to open any devices that require fingerprint or facial recognition biometrics to access.”

The search of the home took two hours and was led by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from members of the North Bay computer evidence task force. Detectives and spokespersons for the law enforcement offices involved have stated that the investigation is ongoing.

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