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First the Secret Service and now DHS Faces Scrutiny Over Potentially Missing Texts

August 4, 2022

In a recent article on, Rebecca Beitsch reported that another group of potentially missing messages tuned up in the January 6th hearings.

Apparently, text messages from around the time of interest could not be located from then acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and his deputy Ken Cuccinelli. A message dating from February by the DHS Inspector General states that an issue with record retention and phone replacement and/or resets may have extended beyond the Secret Service and into DHS as well.

The committee is interested in the messages both to gain a better understanding of how these officials reacted during the breach of the Capitol and January 6th as well as how the Trump administration may have pressured DHS to investigate and even seize voting machines related to the election.  

Representative Jamie Raskin alluded to forensic examination of these sources in a quote in the article, stating “We would expect that they would be there and we expect to get all of the records and we will work for both legal and technological answers where evidence mysteriously disappeared.”

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