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Fox News & Dominion Voting Lawsuit: Electronic Communications Revealed

February 28, 2023

Recently there has been a lot of information about the defamation suit that Dominion Voter Systems has brought against Fox News. The suit itself is about widespread false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election and the blame being placed upon Dominion.

Throughout the course of the lawsuit, documents have been turned over. Some of the most intriguing to date are, of course, communications between the Fox personalities and the owners about what was being broadcast to their audience as well as what they were saying off the screen.

A filing in court shows some of the content of the messages and other communications that were turned over.

Communications, such as emails and text messages, can hold a wealth of information. Often messages will have a date or time associated with when they were sent or received and even when the other person in the conversation read them.

Of course, message content is usually the key piece of information that most people are after when there is litigation involved. As the case progresses, it will be interesting to see what other types of electronic information are brought forward.

In almost any matter today, there will be some form of electronic evidence that can be found, whether it is in a civil case or a criminal case. Communications, like emails, texts messages, phone call records, and third-party chat messages are extremely common to see on mobile devices and computers.

The New York Times’ Thompson, Yourish and Peters, have written an article that goes through the messages in the 182 page court document, which can be found here.

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