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Funky Pigeon Under Cyber Attack

April 21, 2022

According to a recent article by James Coker on, the online greeting card seller Funky Pigeon recently suffered an attack that caused the site to take its services offline and suspend orders to protect its data and customers.

The site, which allows customers to create and send custom physical and electronic greeting cards, suspended services last week and posted a bright red banner at the top of the page proclaiming “Oops! We’re experiencing some issues and we can’t accept new orders at the moment. Please try again later!”

For its part, Funky Pigeon has stated it has informed law enforcement officials and the appropriate regulators of the breach, which it states it does not believe exposed payment information. The company was quoted in a statement as saying, “As soon as we discovered the incident last Thursday, we launched a forensic investigation led by external experts to understand the incident and whether there has been any impact on customer data.”

Experts consulted for the piece pointed out that while it does not appear payment information was compromised, other personal data such as names and addresses of clients likely were. Also likely compromised was other personal information like birthdays and anniversary dates that are the types of info the greeting card company specializes in. All of these types of data, especially together in one neat package, are perfect tools cyber criminals can leverage in fraud and social engineering attacks.

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