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Google Searches, Videos, and other Electronic Evidence in Walshe Case

January 19, 2023

The disappearance of Ana Walshe has been all over the news as of late. Currently, her husband Brian Walshe is suspected of being behind her disappearance and possible death. CNN’s Eric Levenson, Kristina Sgueglia and Jason Carroll recently provided an update on the matter, including some electronic evidence that has been turned over by the prosecution.

According to the article, police were able to find browser history information that is being tied to Walshe. Specifically, Google search history was discovered. Google searches can often be an interesting window into a person’s online world.

In this instance, search history relating to the dismemberment and disposing of dead bodies was provided. Some of the electronic evidence recovered helped the police and the prosecution lay out additional charges against Walshe.

Additionally, the police were able to obtain surveillance video near dumpsters, where it is alleged that he dumped the dismembered body of his missing wife. Video evidence obtained showed Walshe tossing “heavy bags into dumpsters in Abington and in Swampscott” write Levenson, Sgueglia and Carroll.

Location data evidence was also obtained by the police from a cellphone. Location data backed up some claims of video surveillance evidence placing Walshe near a dumpster in Swampscott.

Digital evidence can be found almost everywhere today, especially when people are walking around with devices on their person 24/7. Mobile devices such as cellphones can contain a trove of information some of which it looks like the police may have already found.

Browser history and location data are just a few of the artifacts that can be gleaned from a cellphone analysis. It will be interesting to see what other digital evidence is collected and examined as the case progresses.

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