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Info Continues to Come Out on Minneapolis Public Schools Hack

April 4, 2023

In a recent article, CBS News released an update regarding the major data breach and follow-on effects for the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).

It has been confirmed that the Medusa Media Team, a group of cyber criminals, is likely behind the breach. They had apparently attempted to extort $1 million dollars from the district in ransom as a result of the attack. When the district chose not to pay, the group posted the data to the dark web.

The data revealed allegedly includes private information such as names, payroll information, and social security numbers for administrators, staff, and even students.

Mark Lanterman, a digital forensic and cybercrime expert, is quoted in the article and explains that because the group chose to post the data to the dark web, investigating the post itself can be “very difficult, if not impossible.”

Investigating the breach that occurred on the systems leading to the data theft and eventual posting is still ongoing. The district and the FBI are working together to piece the chain of events together which should, hopefully, aid the school in securing its systems moving forward.

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