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K9 Browser Joins Fairfax County, VA Police Department

July 8, 2021

According to a recent article on InsideNOVA, the Fairfax County Police department in Virginia has added a new member to their Cyber and Forensics Bureau. This new member is no normal new hire though, instead Officer Browser is a specially trained electronic evidence detecting Black Lab.

His extensive training focused on locating electronic storage media like USB thumb drives, external hard drives and other digital evidence like cellphones and computers. Expertise like this can be invaluable as storage media gets smaller and wireless capabilities are added. Having a K9 unit that can help locate a tiny micro SD card even when it is hidden away can uncover valuable evidence human officers might otherwise miss in a search.

To do this, Browser uses his nose to detect the unique chemical compounds found in chips and circuit boards much like other K9s might be used to find narcotics or explosives. Browser has been assigned to work with handler Detective Ray McCoy and the two are reportedly engaging in extensive training to stay on top of their game as they work with the Child Exploitation unit. Being one of very few duos in the entire state with this type of special training, Browser and McCoy are also assisting other jurisdictions as needed.

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