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Key Digital Evidence Introduced in Trial Helps Lead to Conviction

March 2, 2023

Houston Harwood, of the Courier & Press, recently reported on digital evidence that was key in the second trial of Heidi Kathleen Carter. Carter, whose first trial resulted in a hung jury (a jury that cannot agree upon a verdict) and a mistrial was declared.

In Carter’s second trial, the prosecution was able to introduce key digital evidence that was denied during the first trial. Harwood writes “[The Judge] said the records lacked certification showing they had been accurately complied by EPD [Evansville Police Department] Detective Steven Toney.”

The records that were brought up but not submitted into evidence during the first trial are data from Carter’s Facebook account. In total there are over 600 pages of Facebook correspondence.

The content of the data from Carter’s Facebook included messages between Carter and her boyfriend, Carrey Hammond. Hammond was shot and killed by Evansville Police on October 19, 2021 while they were investigating the originating incident.

In this second trial, the Facebook data was allowed into evidence. The key piece of evidence it contained was a photograph of Carter posing with several weapons.

The use of digital forensics played a crucial role in this case. By extracting data from electronic devices, including cellphones, computers, and social media accounts, it is possible to gather evidence that may be key to a case. Digital forensics experts can analyze this data and present it in court to support a case.

If you are involved in a legal case and believe that digital evidence may be important, it is essential to consult with a digital forensic expert. They can help you gather and analyze electronic data that may be crucial to your case.

In conclusion, the use of digital evidence in court cases has become increasingly important in recent years. The second trial of Heidi Kathleen Carter is a perfect example of this. The use of digital forensics allowed the prosecution to present key evidence that was crucial in securing a guilty verdict. If you have any questions about digital forensics or the types of data that can be found on electronic devices, don’t hesitate to contact Sensei’s digital forensic experts at 703.359.0700 or .

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