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Male Virginia Resident Cyber-Stalked Army Recruiter

December 28, 2021

Sarah Coble, of Infosecurity Magazine, recently wrote about a man from Virginia who cyber-stalked a United States Army Recruiter for two years. The 26-year-old Virginia Resident, Braxton Louis Danley, started harassing the female victim after he failed to pass the army’s entrance exam.

The first contact Danley made with the victim was in February 2018. He sent her an email asking for information about joining the United States Army. One month later they met at her recruiting station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where he took the entrance exam and failed.

According to Coble, the victim and two army recruiters told Danley that he should keep studying and take the exam again in the future. After receiving this advice, the harassment began. Danley repeatedly called the victim’s phone to ask if he could retake the exam. He admitted that he had not studied more, and the victim told him he would not be able to take the exam again without studying.

After about two months of phone calls, Danley began sending the victim abusive emails and text messages expressing his anger, in May 2018. He then posted more abusive and harmful messages on social media not only to the victim, but to the two other army recruiters as well.

You would think Danley would want to use those two months to study for the exam again, rather than harassing United States Army recruiters.

Danley was sentenced to one year in prison after violating the victim’s restraining order. Shortly after his release, a grand jury indicted him on one count of cyber-stalking and three counts of interstate threats after he continued the harassment of the victim on Facebook.

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