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Mobile County Acknowledges SSNs Compromised in Malware Attack

July 27, 2021

Brenden Kirby of Fox 10 reports that the Mobile, AL County Government officials alerted their employees that personally identifiable information (PII) was potentially compromised by the unauthorized access that occurred on the county’s computer systems in May. The county advised that it had contained the damage from the attack and that it was able to restore their systems after the attack occurred. “Later, officials acknowledged that computer forensics experts were assessing the situation” Kirby writes.

The computer forensics investigation into the attack determined that the attackers could have accessed employee information such as social security numbers (SSN). The county “learned on July 13 that health insurance contract number for employees subscribed to receive health coverage and routing numbers for employees enrolled in direct deposit with the county, also were at risk” Kirby states.

“The possibility that employee PII was accessible by attackers, has prompted the government to provide the Mobile County employees with “notice and information about credit and identity protection”.  While the investigation is still ongoing, it was determined that employee PII was accessible but there has not been any information found to indicate how many employees’ PII was accessed or what other data was taken.

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