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Nevada Woman Accused of Falsifying Forensic Cellphone and Computer Data in Federal Court    

August 23, 2022

According to a recent Department of Justice press release, Anna Kline of Nevada has been accused of providing falsified data in an ongoing case against her and another person, Jason Torres. Kline and Torres were originally charged for their alleged parts in a “$7 million fraudulent advance fee scheme.”

The government alleges that, while out on bail for the fraud charge, Kline provided her attorney with an Adobe .pdf document that she claimed was part of a Cellebrite cellphone forensic report. The report was purported to have been generated by a forensic examiner named Drew Andrews. Messages depicted in the document suggested that Torres, and not Kline, had been mainly responsible for the fraud and that he had made threats against her.

FBI investigators forensically reviewed the report and noted indications that the document had been falsified. Further the investigation determined the examiner who Kline claimed to have created the report, Drew Andrews, did not exist. The investigation made it clear that Drew Andrews was an alias created by Kline. The ruse had apparently been successful in tricking her attorney and a California Family law court where the document had previously been produced in a custody dispute between Kline and Torres.

During their investigation, Kline also provided a computer which she claimed contained an iTunes backup of a device with the threatening text messages. However, a forensic review of that device also showed that the data had been altered and timestamps changed to try to force the data to line up with the faked Cellebrite report.

Kline has been charged with Obstructing Justice by Falsifying Records. This charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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