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Police Install Keylogger in Suspected Child Predator’s Computer

July 5, 2022

Simon Little, of Global News, recently published an article about Dutch police secretly installing a keylogging software on computers that allegedly belonged to a man that was accused of harassing and extorting a teen, Amanda Todd, before she took her own life.

The accused 43-year-old child predator, Aydin Coban, pleaded not guilty to five charges, including communication with a young person to commit a sexual offense, criminal harassment in the high-profile case, and possession of child pornography.

In December 2014, the Dutch Police team entered Coban’s bungalow to install a keylogger on his computer, one month before his arrest. A keylogger is software that records everything a person types. The Dutch Police then removed the keylogger software from Coban’s computer before they conducted digital forensics.

The Dutch Police captured more than 80 devices such as computers, numerous hard drives, a directional Wi-Fi antenna, USB drives, a webcam, and a Dutch passport belonging to Aydin Coban.

Marten Busstra, an expert in digital forensic investigation and a former member of the Dutch National Police Child Exploitation Unit, testified describing a specific operating system that is usually used by hackers. The operating system is also designed to poke around network security vulnerabilities. The operating system was found on a laptop seized in Coban’s cabin.

In addition, Simon Little stated, “Prosecutors allege Coban obtained video of Todd flashing her breasts, then tried to use it to blackmail her into performing pornographic shows for him. Crown alleges he also sent the material to her family, friends and school community.”

Amanda Todd committed suicide in 2012 at the age of 15. Just days earlier, she uploaded a video that ultimately went viral in which she silently held up flashcards that detailed incidents of online bullying and torment.

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