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T-Mobile Discloses Another 5.3 Million Accounts Compromised

August 24, 2021

Michael Potuck at 9to5Mac, reports that in the data breach disclosed by T-Mobile last week, additional accounts were compromised by the attackers. T-Mobile confirmed that 47.8 million records were taken in the breach of its networks. This includes people who applied with T-Mobile but did not use their service, along with their current customer base. 

In an update from the carrier, it disclosed that an additional 5.3 million accounts from current postpaid customers were compromised. This included data such as their names, birth dates, addresses and other possible personally identifiable information (PII). The recent discovery of the 5.3 million accounts did not have information such as social security numbers or driver’s license numbers disclosed, but phone numbers, device IMEIs and IMSIs were accessed by the attackers.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and is a unique number assigned to mobile devices. IMSI is an acronym for International Mobile Subscriber Identity, and is another unique number assigned to the SIM card used by a mobile device.

Specific information from the carrier about the breach and actions that the company is taking can be found here. T-Mobile’s investigation into the attack is ongoing and it states, “We have continued to work around the clock on forensic analysis and investigation into the cyberattack against T-Mobile systems while also taking a number of proactive steps to protect customers and others whose information may have been exposed.”

The company has a number of resources for their customers affected by the breach, information about what customers can do to protect themselves and offers by T-Mobile which can be found here.

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