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Tennessee has its First Electronic Detection K9

November 29, 2022

Aaron Cantrell, a reporter at WTVF NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee, recently published an article about a very intelligent K9 that the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Digital Forensic Unit uses.

Remi, the electronic detection K9, is just 7 years old, but has quite the nose for finding electronic evidence.

Just this year, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has made 19 arrests, resulting in 115 felony charges against people harming children. They work on cases that entail fraud, theft, drugs, and child exploitation.

Paul Lusk, who works in their digital forensics lab, said, “All the new devices that come out or with every new phone that comes out, we have to learn and adapt to be able to forensically search those or find evidence in them to be able to prosecute these crimes. We’ve found them in wall outlets. We’ve found them in tissue boxes. We’ve found them in the bottom of a clothes pile.”

This is why Remi is such an integral part to their system. Detectives trained Remi for 16 weeks in 2016 before she was officially ready to work. Whether it is a thumb drive, hard drive, cell phone, or an actual computer, Remi can sniff the electronic evidence out. As a prize for finding electronics, she receives her ball of course.

One of the most fascinating statistics is that Remi is only one of 70 electronic detection K9s in the world. She is clearly very important in finding electronic evidence that the human eye cannot find.

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