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Text Messages Entered into Evidence in Chad and Lori Daybell Case

May 9, 2023

Lauren Silver of Court TV recently reported that text messages were brought into evidence in the case of Chad and Lori Daybell. Lori has been charged with murder for the deaths of her two youngest children and conspiracy in the death of Tammy Daybell, Chad’s first wife.

The FBI investigated the crimes and, as part of their investigation, data from Vallow Daybell’s iCloud accounts were analyzed. According to investigators, she had two iCloud accounts, both of which were reviewed, and that the data reviewed included message data.

The FBI investigator, Special Agent Doug Hart, reviewed between 130,000 and 150,000 records from the two iCloud accounts that were active in November of 2019. Messages examined assisted investigators in learning more about Vallow Daybell and Daybell’s plans and relationship.

Silver writes “ [the] investigation showed that there was a financial motive behind the deaths of Charles [Vallow Daybells’ previous husband], Tammy [Daybell], JJ and Tylee [Vallow Daybell’s children], Hart testified, because references to a large life insurance policy from Charles and Social Security payments attributable to JJ and Tylee.”

Included in Silver’s article are messages that were discovered in Vallow Daybell’s two iCloud accounts. Additionally, CBS News’ 48 hours has a timeline that outlines events in the matter, which can be found here.  

In this case, it appears as if the digital evidence trail is white hot, and with the case still ongoing, more electronic evidence may be brought forward. Electronic evidence can be found in all types of matters and can help reveal critical details about a case.

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