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Text Messages Released in Elizabeth Holmes Trial

September 21, 2021

Amy Larson of KRON4 recently reported that messages exchanged between Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Balwani were added to the public record. The released messages between Holmes, former CEO of Theranos and Balwani, the former COO, can be found here. The messages, while containing romantic messages back and forth between Holmes and Balwani, also contain information relating to silencing media professionals and Theranos employees that were raising concerns about Theranos devices and products. The text message exchanges also have reference to some negative reviews from other labs and the responses that the two gave about them.

Holmes’ trial is underway and she is facing charges for criminal fraud. Prosecutors in Holmes’ trial called their first witness on Tuesday September 14, the former financial manager So Han Spivey. Spivey’s testimony indicated that Theranos was losing money at a time when Holmes was portraying the company as successful to the investors. Testimony from two former Theranos employees is also expected from Tyler Shutlz, one of the whistleblowers and Erika Cheung, another whistleblower. Larson writes “The trial’s outcome hinges on proving Holmes’ intentions, showing what Holmes knew, and pinpointing when she knew it, Hagan said.”

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