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The Electronic Evidence Trove Collected by the January 6th Committee

January 5, 2023

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for nearly two years, you’ll know about the January 6 Congressional Committee that has been investigating the breach of the nation’s capital. With all the testimony and documents gathered, it’s no wonder that there is a trove of electronic evidence from computers, cellphones, and email that was reviewed by the committee.

With the new year comes a new Congress, and the committee has released its findings in a large report, the full report can be found on CNN’s website.

One of the more recent topics of interest from the release of documents from the select committee is a thread of text messages between President Trump’s former aide Hope Hicks and Ivanka Trump’s chief of staff Julie Radford. CNN’s Katelyn Polantz, Annie Grayer and Whitney Wild have written an article about the messages as well as other electronic evidence that was presented to the select committee.

In addition to the text message thread between Hicks and Radford, there are certainly emails and more messages that will come to light as journalists and others review the committee’s report and the released documents.

Polantz. Grayer and Wild also state “[the] committee also released call logs from the day leading up to January 6, 2021, painting a fuller picture of who the former president was speaking to as he and his allies were plotting for him to stay in office, the first time the panel is releasing White House call logs in their entirety.”

There certainly is a lot of evidence that the committee has sifted through in order to make its report. And it’s no surprise to us that there is a mountain of digital evidence that can be discovered from mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

Electronic evidence can be found in a lot of places and can be relevant to many matters. If you need assistance with collecting, reviewing, analyzing or producing electronic evidence please contact Sensei’s digital forensics examiners at for more information on our forensic services or check out our forensic service offerings.

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