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Travelex Hit with Ransomware Attack

January 9, 2020

Currency exchange company Travelex has recently fallen victim to a ransomware attack demanding a payment of 3 million dollars. Visitors of are greeted with a press release detailing the attack, alongside the steps the company is taking to get back up and running.

According to The Guardian, the hackers responsible for the attack are threatening to release personal information belonging to Travelex customers. This information is said to include social security numbers, dates of birth, and payment information.

The attack occurred on December 31st, when Travelex discovered certain data from their systems had been accessed and ultimately encrypted. Upon discovery of the intrusion, Travelex took all their systems offline to prevent further unauthorized access. There is currently no evidence suggesting the encryption or exfiltration of customer data, however the situation is currently still under review. Travelex has hired a forensic team to assess the current extent of the virus and assist in getting their systems up and running.

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