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U-Haul Customer Data Stolen in Database Hack

September 15, 2022

According to a recent article on by William Gallagher, a compromise of the truck/trailer rental and storage giant U-Haul has resulted in what could be a large leak of customer information.

Details are still coming out about the breach but U-Haul has confirmed that the attackers likely got their hands on personal information like drivers’ license numbers. They however do not believe payment information, such as credit card data, was leaked.

A forensic investigation of the affected systems was performed and the company reported that between November 5, 2021 and April 5, 2022 customer rental contracts were accessed. The breach apparently affected a couple of accounts for the firm’s “customer contact search tool.” Luckily this tool is not used to store payment information. Sensitive data on these contracts does include customer names and license/state identification numbers.

While they have yet to announce how many individuals may be affected, it stands to reason that the number maybe in the hundreds of thousands given the length of the breach, and U-Haul’s nationwide operation consisting of a fleet with hundreds of thousands of trucks and trailers. For its part, the company is quoted to be “offering affected customers identity theft protection services through Equifax for one year.”

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