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Wawa Data Breach Settlement Reached

August 31, 2021

Back in 2019, digital forensic examinations of the point of sale system at well known gas station/convenience store chain Wawa revealed a big problem. According to a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the resulting class action lawsuit has settled.

Hackers had breached the system and installed malware that allowed them to steal the payment information for customers of the chain for months between early March and mid-December of that year.  This information included names, card numbers and expiration dates of cards used at both cash registers and gas pumps.

With so many customers potentially affected, a huge number of suits against the chain were filed. These cases were eventually grouped into a class action. While this all sounds pretty standard for this type of incident the resulting settlement is unique.

The settlement that was recently reached with the plaintiff’s lawyers includes cash payments of up to $500 for those who can provide “reasonable documentary proof” of lost money. However for those with just “reasonable proof” of fraud or attempted fraud the settlement will result in a $15 gift card to Wawa. There is also a $5 card option if you can prove you made a card-based transaction at a Wawa during the time and subsequently had to monitor your accounts.

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