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WordFly Struggling After Ransomware Attack

July 28, 2022

Ionut Arghire, an international correspondent for SecurityWeek, wrote an article about the digital marketing/mailing list company WordFly, that creates gorgeous email, sms, forms, and surveys, with their marketing for sports organizations, and entertainment, is suffering from a ransomware attack.

On July 10, hackers destroyed WordFly’s internal systems and left the company not able to restore them.

WordFly published a statement in an incident FAQ, “At the present time, we are diligently working with our digital forensics experts to assist us with restoring the WordFly system. We cannot provide a firm timeline of when we expect operations to be fully restored.”

The ransomware attack wreaked havoc on all of WordFly’s services except for those running on external resources. Their backup servers were also affected from the attack. The stolen data contained email addresses, names, and data that users imported onto WordFly. Luckily, the company reported that no login information or credit card information was taken during the attack.

The company has been diligent in giving their customers daily status updates via email, with the latest ones reporting that their services most likely won’t be restored for several more days.

WordFly stated, “It is our understanding that as of the evening of July 15, 2022, that data has been deleted from the bad actor’s possession. We have no evidence to suggest, before the bad actor deleted the data, that the data was leaked over the dark web and/or sent to any other public facing domain/disseminated elsewhere.”

Fortunately, it seems like this is one of the few ransomware attacks that did not turn out in the worst way possible given that the data that was stolen.

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