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Cameron Learns About Credential Stuffing: Microsoft Educates with Stories

September 7, 2021

Most people find cybersecurity complex and confusing. Microsoft aims to help by teaching cybersecurity lessons via stories, like “Cameron Learns About Credential Stuffing.” Cameron has a very complex password, but he reuses it everywhere.  And, you guessed it, he doesn’t have 2FA enabled. The perfect storm, right?

This is the second story in the series, the first one being “A Phish Story.”

It is commendable that Microsoft is trying to make cybersecurity education a little less painful. We too tell stories when we do cybersecurity awareness training for employees.

Do you learn more easily when you watch a video? Many people do, so Microsoft has also begun to produce a series of short cybersecurity videos, also designed to make learning cybersecurity lessons less painful.

Thanks to my friend at Microsoft, Ben Schorr, for bringing these new resources to my attention!

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