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ChatGPT Won’t Be Replacing History’s Greatest Poets Anytime Soon

January 31, 2023

Just for fun, Julie Bays (an upcoming podcast guest) asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write a poem about Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology, a Legal Talk Network podcast which I host with longtime friend Jim Calloway. Julie forwarded what the AI came up with when she asked: “There is a podcast called the Digital Edge Podcast with Sharon D. Nelson and Jim Calloway. Can you write a poem about this podcast?”

The Digital Edge Podcast, a show of note
With Sharon and Jim, the hosts afloat
They delve into tech, with insights so keen
Helping lawyers stay ahead, and their practices lean

With topics diverse, from cybersecurity to e-discovery
They keep their listeners informed, with no room for recovery
Their expertise is vast, and their banter is light
Making the show a true delight

So tune in each week, and don’t be shy
The Digital Edge Podcast will keep you high
On the latest trends and tools in the field
And help your legal practice yield.

After I stopped laughing, I decided to give ChatGPT a go myself. I asked it to “write a poem for the Digital Detectives podcast on Legal Talk Network hosted by Sharon Nelson and John Simek.” Here is the poem:

Digital detectives, on the case
Uncovering truth, with skill and grace
Sharon and John, leading the pack
Their knowledge vast, their insights sharp and exact

Through bytes and bits, they navigate
To find the clues, before it’s too late
With technology as their trusty guide
They leave no stone unturned, no mystery denied

In the world of law, they reign supreme
Their expertise, a valuable asset to the team
With each episode, they educate
And leave their listeners, truly captivated

So here’s to you, Digital Detectives
May your podcast continue to be a success and a series
In the world of cybercrime and law
You are the ones that we all adore

Following another round of laughter after reading the AI’s attempt at poetry, I determined that, for the foreseeable future, ChatGPT is highly unlikely to be appointed a poet laureate!

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