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Podcast: The ‘Enemies List’ at Madison Square Garden

January 19, 2023

On January 18, The New York Times published a podcast called “The ‘Enemies’ List at Madison Square Garden (MSG). In summary, facial recognition technology is being used to forbid lawyers from entering the premises if their firms have legal proceedings against MSG.

Apparently, there is an “exclusion list” to keep those people out of concerts and sporting events.

Worth listening to. Facial recognition has a lot of legitimate uses, but certainly this kind of “corporate revenge” needs to be stopped.  And yes, lawsuits are pending . . .

If you would rather read the transcript, it will be posted within a day or two.

RTL featured a post on this topic on January 4.

Hat tip to Kim Haught.

Another hat tip to Dave Ries who sent me this New York Post article, in which a judge blasted the MSG ban as “the stupidest thing ever.” A fun article to read – and it certainly underscores the dangers of facial recognition technology. I have faith that the courts will slam MSG.

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