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by Sharon D. Nelson Esq., President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

U.S. State Privacy Legislation Tracker: It’s a Tidal Wave

August 3, 2021

Remember when data breach legislation was all the rage and we ended up with laws being passed in every state/territory? The same thing may be happening with data privacy legislation.

There is now a U.S. State Privacy Legislation Tracker resource from IAPP, the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource.

After the California Consumer Privacy Act passed in 2018, multiple states proposed similar legislation to protect consumers in their states. The IAPP Westin Research Center compiled a list of proposed and enacted comprehensive privacy bills from across the country.

Although many of the bills included in the table will fail to become law, comparing the key provisions in each bill can clarify how privacy is developing in the United States. Bills that are voted down or die in committee will not be immediately removed because their inclusion helps illustrate how states are thinking about privacy. IAPP identified 13 provisions that commonly appear in comprehensive privacy statutes and placed an “x” in the corresponding column if a particular bill is included the provision. The 13 common privacy provisions are broken into two categories — consumer rights and business obligations.

California, Colorado, Connecticut and Virginia now have data privacy laws. If you go to the Tracker, you may be surprised at how many states have data privacy legislation pending. Interest in data privacy has swept across the country. Keep watching the Tracker to keep advised of laws that may impact your law firm or business.

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