A Gift for Lawyers in the New Year: OpenAI’s Prompt Guide for ChatGPT

January 5, 2024

OpenAI Releases a Prompt Guide for ChatGPT

We got a holiday gift in December when OpenAI released a prompt guide for ChatGPT and other large language models. There is a wealth of knowledge in the guide. What follows are some examples which are sure to “up your game” when using ChatGPT. Make sure you give clear instructions. Add details to your query to get good answers. Example: “I am writing an article for lawyers about how to avoid getting into ethical trouble when using AI – what should I suggest?” You can tell ChatGPT how long you want the output to be. You can also provide examples of what you are looking for – or give ChatGPT a specific role, e.g., “You are an expert in legal ethics.”

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