AI Experts Urge Six-Month Pause in AI Training – and Where the Heck is Congress????

April 7, 2023

Lawyers Are Intensely Interested in AI and Adopting its Use in Droves

We know that lawyers are interested in AI (artificial intelligence) because we recently received (in a single day!) seven requests for a CLE entitled, “The Rise of AI in the Legal Profession: Lawyers Brace for Impact.” We have given several such CLEs – the questions from the audience are indicative of an enormous groundswell of interest in using the potential of AI to enhance their practices.

While we respectfully note the March 2023 LexisNexis survey which found that the majority of lawyers have no immediate plans to use generative AI, our own unscientific findings indicate that the topic of AI is “white hot” among lawyers – some of them worried about being replaced by AI but many more seeking to understand how their practices might benefit from using AI. We know a large number of lawyers are already utilizing AI, especially OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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