AI’s Impact on the Future of Law: Will Lawyers Survive?

February 8, 2023

Catchy title, right? Well, we must ‘fess up – OpenAI’s ChatGPT lent us a hand. We submitted this request: “Suggest several striking titles for an article about why lawyers are afraid of being replaced by AI.” We got 12 proposed titles in return, all of them credible as well as catchy.

ChatGPT takes the world by storm, including the cybersecurity world

We have been blown away by the number of articles about OpenAI’s ChatGPT since it was released in late November 2022. We’ll start with the worries about cybersecurity.

Within two months of ChatGPT’s release, the Washington Post reported that there were already examples on the dark web of cybercriminals advertising “buggy, but functional malware, social engineering tutorials, scams and moneymaking schemes,” all enabled by ChatGPT.

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